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September, 2021

Market Review August 2021

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August, 2021

Market Review July 2021


Display of Stock Market Quotes


July, 2021

Market Review June 2021

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June, 2021

Market Review May 2021


Talking Point Edition 1, 2021

  • Are you insuring away your super?

  • Freeing up home equity through reverse mortgages

  • As good as gold

  • Lessons learned: Staying the course during a market crash

  • Investors buoyed as vaccine points way to post-COVID world

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May, 2021

Market Review April 2021

Budget Wrap-Up 2021-2022



April, 2021

Market Review March 2021


Informing You

  • The secrets to productive workplace flexibility

  • A guide to retirement in Australia

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March, 2021

Market Review February 2021

​Talking Point Edition 1, 2021

  • Life insurance: Why everyone needs to think about coverage

  • Balancing act: Why risk and return are both needed for investment success

  • How society is tackling ageism

  • Small but mighty: Small caps offer outsized potential

  • Markets end year with strong rally

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February, 2021

Market Review January 2021


Informing You

  • Is your Christmas debt still hanging around? How to clear a debt hangover

  • What's the difference between a financial planner and an accountant?



January, 2021

Market Review December 2020


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  • Why wellbeing isn’t just for the well-off

  • Few cheering end of tumultuous year



December, 2020

Market Review November 2020


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  • Caring for our elders at Christmas

  • Make your cancelled holiday count

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November, 2020

Market Review October 2020

​Talking Point Edition 3, 2020

  • Cyber crime surge: how to protect yourself from COVID-19 scams

  • Superannuation changes a plus for older Australians

  • Where to invest in the share market?

  • Life insurance: essential ongoing support in the face of coronavirus

  • Why your wealth is more than just your investments

  • Investment markets rebound after pandemic’s economic fallout

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October, 2020

Market Review September 2020


Informing You

  • Where do we stand with our finances since COVID hit?

  • Federal Budget 2020: Economic Recovery Plan for Australia