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To ensure you achieve your financial goals, it is important that you
understand your own financial situation.

By taking charge of your money and making sure that you're spending less than you're earning, you will ease money stress and feel more secure and in control.

Collecting Money


Superannuation is money that is put aside and saved while you are working so you can enjoy a regular income later in life once you retire.

Superannuation can be complex and the rules are always changing which is why it's important you seek advice from your financial adviser.

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Personal insurance helps keep your financial plan on track against life’s mishaps. 

Insurance can provide a cost-effective method of providing personal wealth protection and can help you protect your family and yourself if you die prematurely or suffer illness, medical crisis or injury.

It can ensure that any lump sum capital needs are catered for and ongoing income requirements are covered. Most people insure their homes and cars but not themselves and the income they earn.

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Estate planning is a key part of the financial planning process.

In the event of your death, it helps to ensure your wishes are carried out. This includes: making sure your hard-earned assets reach their intended beneficiaries; having a trusted administrator in place; and where minors are involved, nominating someone to take care of them if the worst was to happen. 


It should be noted that not all assets are estate assets and only estate assets are distributed according to a will.

Financial Graphs


There are numerous ways to invest across the different asset classes and investment types. This guide provides information on some of the main ways to invest, investment types and strategies. 

Once you and your adviser have determined your attitude to investing, risk tolerance and investment profile, it’s time to consider the choice of appropriate investment assets and the structures to hold those assets in.

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So you have worked hard all your life, now it’s time to slow down and enjoy your lifestyle fulltime!

In retirement there are a number of different products and strategies that
can be utilised to help make your money last longer. These may be used in addition to any Government Age Pension entitlements that maybe available.

Laptop and Paperwork


Navigating Centrelink can be difficult and can have future  consequences or impact your lifestyle, if you don’t get the paperwork just right. Australia has both a progressive direct tax and social security system, so at some stage of your life, you or your family may be eligible for Centrelink benefits. 


For the majority of Australians, the Age Pension will remain an important
part of retirement plans, even when an individual has superannuation and non-superannuation savings.

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Getting older is a fact of life and with any luck, you'll live to a ripe old age. As we age many of us will require some assistance care.

Choosing an aged care service can be overwhelming. Whether it's for
yourself or a loved one, your adviser is here to guide you through. It's never too early or late to have this important discussion.

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